My Personal Weatherman

An Initial Impression Adapted from the manga Taikan Yohou by Taino Nikke and starring actors Higuchi Kouhei (Segasaki Mizuki) and Mashiko Atsuki (Tanada Yoh), the Japanese BL My Personal Weatherman is a sexy, tantalizing story about aspiring manga artist Yoh and his unusual contract with sexy weatherman Segasaki. Β There's an alluring air of 'why' to … Continue reading My Personal Weatherman

My Beautiful Man Eternal

A film review The Japanese queer film My Beautiful Man Eternal starring Hagiwara Riku (Hira Kazunari) and Yagi Yusei (Kiyoi Sou) is a passionate adaptation of the novel He, Who is Beautiful (ηΎŽγ—γ„ε½Ό) by Nagira Yuu that captures an innate look at inner emotions, insecurity, and personal strength. Some things can't be articulated in words. … Continue reading My Beautiful Man Eternal