Jun & Jun Review

From the nostalgic scent of those we love to the friendships and romances that touch us, the Korean BL Jun & Jun offers an office romance that brings the past and present together.  Starring Ki Hyun Woo (Choi Jun) and Yang Jun Mo (Lee Jun), it tells the story of a company director who finds … Continue reading Jun & Jun Review

Laws Of Attraction Review

In a world built on power and status, the people without either suffer the most injustice. Voices are silenced. Greed becomes a bitter friend.  "Use your head, not your prejudice." Laws of Attraction The Thai drama Laws of Attraction, starring Jam Rachata (Tinn) and Film Thanapat (Charn), tells an intriguing story about the power of … Continue reading Laws Of Attraction Review

My Personal Weatherman

An Initial Impression Adapted from the manga Taikan Yohou by Taino Nikke and starring actors Higuchi Kouhei (Segasaki Mizuki) and Mashiko Atsuki (Tanada Yoh), the Japanese BL My Personal Weatherman is a sexy, tantalizing story about aspiring manga artist Yoh and his unusual contract with sexy weatherman Segasaki. Β There's an alluring air of 'why' to … Continue reading My Personal Weatherman

My Beautiful Man Eternal

A film review The Japanese queer film My Beautiful Man Eternal starring Hagiwara Riku (Hira Kazunari) and Yagi Yusei (Kiyoi Sou) is a passionate adaptation of the novel He, Who is Beautiful (ηΎŽγ—γ„ε½Ό) by Nagira Yuu that captures an innate look at inner emotions, insecurity, and personal strength. Some things can't be articulated in words. … Continue reading My Beautiful Man Eternal

Marry My Dead Body

A film review Inclusivity. Prejudice. Misogyny. These are all things that the Taiwanese film Marry My Dead Body touches on while also maintaining a steady stream of comedic moments peppered with the heavy.  Starring Greg Hsu (Wu Ming Han) and Austin Lin (Mao Bang Yu / Mao Mao), Marry My Dead Body tells the story of … Continue reading Marry My Dead Body

Red, White, and Royal Blue movie review

Red, White, and Royal Blue A love that holds onto itself Watching two people learn to accept themselves while falling in love is beautiful. Finding truth in each other and themselves while trying to navigate individual cultures and traditional values is empowering.Β Β  That's the beauty and power Red, White, and Royal Blue brings to the … Continue reading Red, White, and Royal Blue movie review