My Personal Weatherman

An Initial Impression

Adapted from the manga Taikan Yohou by Taino Nikke and starring actors Higuchi Kouhei (Segasaki Mizuki) and Mashiko Atsuki (Tanada Yoh), the Japanese BL My Personal Weatherman is a sexy, tantalizing story about aspiring manga artist Yoh and his unusual contract with sexy weatherman Segasaki.

There’s an alluring air of ‘why’ to the erotic premise that lends a mysterious and fascinating promise of dark quirkiness. Leaping into the drama, having yet to read the manga, makes it even more beguiling. From the nonchalant way they enter into their present living arrangements to the sunny day lovemaking, the unspoken tension tying Yoh and Segasaki together is electric.Β 

If Japanese BLs have taught us anything, it’s that the narrator isn’t always reliable but rather subjective to the character it’s focused on. This allows the story to expand outward, often including a second POV in a nonlinear storytelling format that intrigues while tugging at the heart and psyche.Β 

The first episode of My Personal Weatherman does just that, offering Yoh’s frustrated point of view over his current living arrangements. His desire to focus on his art is complicated by his desire for Segasaki, which is further complicated by neither of them expressing their desires vocally. That sets the stage for an exciting series permeated with personal insecurity, misunderstandings, and the desire to be ‘more’ in a relationship built around control while wishing to lose control.Β Add to this the interesting way their story links their careers to their personal lives, and My Personal Weatherman promises to be a fascinating ride full of the nuance and hidden heart that Japanese BLs excel at.Β 

The tera tera bōzu, a traditional Japanese talisman to bring good weather and prevent rain Yoh makes out of tissue paper in episode two, is a fun cultural addition that adds a touch of humor to his frustration. 
I am completely drawn into the story Yoh and Segasaki present.Β 

For an enticing series with a touch of eroticism and simmering tension, check out My Personal Weatherman now on Viki and Gagaoolala.Β 

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