At Overly-Dramatic, my ultimate goal is to promote dramas/films with great storytelling. Sometimes these dramas have big fanbases with good promotion. Sometimes they don't. Some of the greatest stories don't get as much press or promotion. While I will cover many dramas/films here, I am mainly focusing on the underrated stories. I'm always looking for projects that touch the inner part of me seeking a different kind of storytelling. I'm not looking for tragedy or brokenness; I am looking for heart. Here, at Overly-Dramatic, I'm sharing that heart with you. 

Also, though I generally keep my author and drama review stuff separated, I've made a recent decision to pull a 2021 episodic book of mine not tied up under my agency from publication and am making it available on my Overly-Dramatic review site. It's an inspirational LGBTQ+ coming-of-age project about two people, one lost and the other forgotten who learn what it means to be real. For now, it is the only personal work of mine I plan to have on Overly-Dramatic and can be accessed here. 

However, it's a current work-in-progress with only a few chapters presently moved over. There is ongoing formatting and graphics/illustrations that haven't been added yet to the chapters already there. 

The decision to do this came after deciding to bridge my two personalities as author R.K. Ryals and reviewer overly-dramatic (known to many as @dramas4thewin on Twitter. This book will serve as that bridge.

With love, R.K. Ryals (aka Regina/overly-dramatic) 

DISCLAIMER: All drama reviews on this site are my own personal opinions and may contain spoilers.

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