Jun & Jun Review

From the nostalgic scent of those we love to the friendships and romances that touch us, the Korean BL Jun & Jun offers an office romance that brings the past and present together. 

Starring Ki Hyun Woo (Choi Jun) and Yang Jun Mo (Lee Jun), it tells the story of a company director who finds himself working with his first love.Β 

Most of the series is a fun, seductive back-and-forth between Choi Jun and Lee Jun as they navigate work while rekindling the past and the feelings that spark between them. From beginning to end, it is a workplace romance with a jealous quadrangle full of misunderstandings, very little office work, and lots of gossip and longing. Yet, there is something attractive about how seriously unserious it is.

While I rarely find myself drawn into a series without strong storytelling or superb acting, I was surprisingly devoted to each week’s episode. Jun & Jun doesn’t offer anything particularly mind-blowing. It suffers from its languid pacing and multiple unrealized storylines. But what it does offer is two flirting men who somehow managed to keep bringing me back to the screen. 

The series initially appears to be a quadrangle with three men vying for Lee Jun’s affections while teasing a possible secondary romantic storyline. But by the seventh episode, it becomes evident that the teasing is simply teasing. Instead of being a four-way triangle with a spin-off romance, it becomes more of a ‘Lee Jun has three potential romances from the various stages of his life with Choi Jun being the ultimate choice while the others provide perspective on the missing past between them.’

It became a scrapbook of love, each of Lee Jun’s unrealized romances a look into how he touches the people he meets. It’s a compelling plot but falls short in how it’s delivered. Rather than showcase the parts of Lee Jun’s life these men represent, it only touches on their jealousy and attachment to him before segwaying into the potential for more between manager Song Hyun Jae (Jo Chan Hyun) and idol Simeon (Park Hyeong Seop) 

And that’s my only real complaint about the series itself. 

While the editing and production could have been sharper, it is the taste of the nuanced, compelling story this drama could have told that leaves me wanting. With a longer format, so much more could have been realized, from the proper closure of the unveiled unrequited romances to the build-up of something new developing between all of them. 

However, despite this, its addictive, seductive quality maintains the attention nonetheless, making it a weekly journey that reminded me just how fun flirting can be. 

And that somehow became enough for me. 

For a series full of simmering sexual tension and lots of flirtatious banter, check out Jun & Jun now on Viki and Gagaoolala. 

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